Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bahasa Bibles Released

For those who are not from Malaysia, "Bahasa Bible" means "Malay Bible", Bible in the Malay language generally language spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Recently, in Malaysia Christians who speak and write in the Malay language were unable to get about 35,000 Malay Bibles released from Port Klang and Kuching because these Bibles contain the word "Allah" which means "God", which the Muslim in Malaysia claimed they have exclusive use, and no other religions can use this word to refer to God. Earlier the government allowed the release provided they are stamped with the Home Ministry Approval, words "For Christians only" and serial numbers on each Bible.

The Christians communities in Malaysia stand firm on not accepting such conditions because they defaced the Bible, our Holy Book. Beside, serial numbers are control over these Bibles.

Praise God, and thanks to the prayers of all Christians in Malaysia which resulted in the government agreeing to release these Bibles according to the terms of the Christian community! We also thank Idris Jala, a Sarawak Christian in the Prime Minister department who helped in the release of these Bibles.

To read the Malaysian Insider news on the release click on the title of this post.

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