Sunday, March 13, 2011

Discipleship - Pastor Matthew Foo

Pastor Matthew Foo is the youth pastor from Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC), Kuala Lumpur. He has been a youth pastor since 1998. Our church has the privilege of Pastor Matthew to lead in our youth camp starting 16th March in Lundu.(outskirt of Kuching)

This morning his sermon was on discipleship. It is timely for our church as we are embarking on the discipline of discipling our people.

He started with reference to Isaiah 58:11-14, in particular verse 12 "aged old foundation", he said this is about disciple making.

There are two methods in winning souls, one is by massive evangelism like Billy Graham crusade, and the other is one-on-0ne discipling. The result of one-on-one is better than mass evangelism.

Examples of discipling in the Bible:

Paul and Timothy 2Tim 3:10-11
a. Paul opening his life ti Timothy
b. Timothy followed Paul wherever he went
c. Involved in hand-on ministry

Barnabas and Paul Act 9:26,27, 11:22-26
a. Enccouagement
b. Correcting with right teaching

Jesus and His disciples Mark 3:14, Act 4:13
Jesus intruded in His disciples' lives in a positive ways.
a. Intruded into their lives
b. Holistic approach to every part of daily life

Moses and Joshua Ex 17:14, 24:13
Re-hearse into his ears
a. Modelling a lifestyle
b. Looking out for next generation

Abraham and Lot Gen 12:4, 13:5-9
Not all will turn out well.
a. Disappointment part and parcle of discipling
b. Keep on keeping on

How do we disciple ?
a. Engage him in Scripture
b. Disciple him life-on-life
c. Equip him to multiply his life
d. Maintain the centrality of Christ

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