Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Book Blog

This new blog is started by 30 seminary professors from Biola University's Talbot School of Theology, California, USA.

Their objective is to help all Christians to understand the Bible better, as well as educate us in subjects related to Christianity. Subjects range from Apologetic to Theology. According to the professors Biblical literacy is low and this blog will certainly help.

The past two days I have been reading this blog and I find it useful, it has subjects in different categories.

Quote : "At a time when biblical literacy is at an all time low and there are so many muddled, uninformed views of the Bible, something like The Good Book Blog is such a breath of fresh air," said author of Hipster Christianity and blogger Brett McCracken.

This blog is for everyone. Quote "Overall, the Good Book Blog aspires to be a resource for anyone seeking solid biblical scholarship and a vital addition to the online evangelical discourse."

Start reading, you will find this blog a source of valuable Biblical information.

Wow! where can you get the works of 30 professors in one place! Praise God and thank all the professors for their passion to impart their knowledge free of charge!

Here is the internet address:

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