Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stamped Alkitab as Museum Pieces

The stamped Alkitab ( Malay Bible )have been redeemed by Bible Society of Malaysia from Port Klang. However, they will not be sold, but they will be retained at museum pieces to remind future Malaysian Christians of how Christians were persecuted.

The importer Gideon at Kuching have not announce their intention.

The CFM maintain its stand:

“Our position is that there should be no restrictions, proscriptions or prohibitions whatsoever on the bible or the use of the language of our choice in the practice of our religion, as it was in the days before and after the formation of Malaysia,” CFM said in a statement here today, adding that the Alkitab issue was not the only restriction.

It noted that there has been a “systematic and progressive pushing back” of Christian rights — dating back to the 1980s — namely the right to practise, profess and express their faith.

Malaysian Christians in particular, as well as Christians all over are requested to pray for wisdom for the leadership in the Christian organizations that are engaging with the government to resolve this issue amicably.

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